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Metallica ofrece recompensa por fan desaparecida

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Metallica ofrece $US50,000 en recompensa por una fan que ha desaparecido en uno de sus conciertos. La policía ha estado buscando a una chica rubia, con los ojos azules, estudiante en Virgina llamada Morgan Harrington, de 20 años, que desapareció en un concierto de Metallica en Charlottesville, Virginia, el 17 de Octubre. De acuerdo con la web, los padres de la chica han ofrecido $100,000 a quien devuelva sana y salva a su hija o de información relevante de su desaparición. La banda Metallica ha añadido $50.000 adicionales a la recompensa, en total, $150.000 Metallica además, han posteado en su web oficial, una serie de fotografías de la chica, bajo el titulo de "One Of Our Fans Is Missing". + info: Aquí os dejamos la información oficial de la web de METALLICA y posteriormente la de la web creada por los padres de la chica: We are deeply concerned about the disappearance of 20 year old Virginia Tech student Morgan Dana Harrington, who was last seen while attending our concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA, on Saturday night.

Morgan has blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5'6", 120 lbs., and was wearing a black "Pantera" T-shirt, black skirt, and black boots. She was not carrying I.D. or a cell phone. Morgan was separated from her friends shortly before 9pm at the venue. Police have been searching the area since Monday.

We encourage anyone who has any information regarding Morgan's disappearance to please come forward. Additionally, if you or anyone you know shot video footage or took photos of the concert or audience, please check to see if there is anyone in your photos who might resemble Morgan. Please contact the Virginia State Police at (434) 352-3425 or the UVA Police at (434) 352-3467 or if you have any information.

Our thoughts are with Morgan and her family for her safe return.

Vigil Speech given by Morgan's Mother, Gil

I am humbled by the outpouring of love that is raining down on us tonight.  Thank you so very much –and that LOVE is so vital as we try to locate Morgan and survive this obscene place in time.  We take the shining gossamer threads of love you send us and try to plait them together into a rope that will pull us out of the pit. And it is about love Morgan’s last words to me were of love. My brother’s and sisters made up family lingo that started as  



2 4 1  

I love you too much, forever, and one more time.

That message is woven into the daily fabric of our lives and has traveled around the world on Dan’s luggage on business trips, mine to Africa, Morgan’s cousins took it to Switzerland. These dots of 2, then 4, then 1, were on her lunch box in Kindergarten and in her back pack in Middle school – 2 ,4, 1 , OK I always try to walk Morgan to her car when she leaves – she opens the door and being Morgan first flips the visor to check her lipstick – then as she pulls away she is always signing me the 2, 4, 1 – I love you too much, forever, her last words to me as she left Saturday were 2,4,1 Mama.

So I share this family lingo with you her extended family and I mean it from my heart – 2 4 1 – I love you too much, forever, and One more time.  Please continue to surround Morgan and us with your love and your kindness and your infinite love is what will move this mountain and bring her home. We are so grateful for all of you.

A special thank you to the Metallica band for adding $50,000 to the reward fund and for supporting the search to find Morgan. Please visit the band's website at:

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